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The big day is almost here. September 24th, 2013 marks the official Canadian release date of "Devil's Tale". The brand new record featuring Gypsy brass legends, Fanfare Ciocarlia. Special guests include John Jorgenson (Elton John, The Hellcasters), Rodrigo (Rodrigo y Gabriela), and Kevin Figueiredo (Extreme). The album features 10 fan favourites like you've never heard before. Simply magical!!!

To celebrate the release of the record we are offering a special Limited Edition version. Only 250 copies are available. Grab them before they disappear in a cloud of smoke! Pre-Order your copy in the Adrian Raso store or at Little Shop of Guitars. 58 Carden St. Guelph, Ontario. (519-837-3729).

Dear Cam Guthrie,

Please don't mislead people in to thinking that an article by Scott Tracey is a "follow up". It was a brief and amusing piece that provided some well needed humour. (I'm aware bylaw officers aren't lurking in the bushes, they're far too busy scouring the streets for any possible parking infractions they can pounce on I always enjoy Scott's point of view. Having said that, he shouldn't base his opinion on disputed and incorrect information provided by your blog or City staff. Unfortunately, I think he got a little lazy and didn't have the time to do a balanced piece with both sides illustrated. It is playoff time, so it is understandable.
The bottom line is music could, potentially, be silenced under the new wording in the bylaw amended by the City in February, 2013. It has changed since 1998, contrary to the "facts" you have been disseminating. This is a fact that cannot be disputed. My brother spoke to you about this issue Wednesday and you told him you agreed that the law can be abused the way things currently are. All it takes is a neighbor that doesn't want any sound at all to complain and send a bylaw officer to warn a musician. Most neighbours are "cool". I have never had a problem with mine and I have never been charged. But I would never say that this isn't a valid issue because I personally have never had a problem. What kind of logic is that? You seem to fail to realize that most young musicians will not be allowed to practice after bylaw visits their home. (especially after multiple visits.) Most parents can't afford and therefore won't risk a $160 fine. They shouldn't have to, but since my letter to the editor was published, I have been contacted by several parents and musicians who have had this exact experience. When you interpret statistics and draw conclusions that "there were less than five charges" you totally neglect the reality that a warning can have just as negative a consequence as a charge for a future young musician. This applies to all musicians, not just guitarists. Possibly even a pianists. So hopefully Scott Tracey does a "follow up" to his "follow up" and presents things with a little more journalistic objectivity. He obviously confused this story with my past issues with the City's five year construction debacle of Carden St. I don't play Led Zeppelin, I compose my own music. And, incidentally, his daughter's piano would have a much higher decibel reading than my acoustic guitar. But again that's not the point.
This is about charging someone $160 at an officer's "discretion." To illustrate discretion at it's finest, I would ask City Staff to disclose how many parking tickets were given out to City Staff members who park on Carden St. all day long. I'm impressed they use "discretion" to allow them to park all day without being fined and then use the same "discretion" to ticket the public the minute they go over two hours. Discretion is not, and will never be uniform or consistent from officer to officer. We're all human beings here Instead of always telling everyone what they want to hear Cam, maybe you should let all of Guelph's musicians practice at your house. Because you've never had a problem. Never. Not once.

Due to overwhelming demand, Biltmore Hats Weekend with Debbie
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Little Shop Of Guitars and Godin Guitars Presents…

Guitar Master Class Workshop with Adrian Raso

- Advanced technique
- Songwriting
- Melodic Concepts
- Modes and Arpeggios

Guelph Youth Music Centre
January 12th, 2013
2pm to 4pm

To book or for more information call 519-837-3729, or email us at

Recording sessions for Adrian's new project have wrapped up and the tracks sound unbelievable! The new album features Gypsy brass legends Fanfare Ciocarlia and some absolutely stellar performances from Kevin Figueiredo (Extreme) and John Jorgenson (Elton John). The album is being mixed by the incomparable Bob St. John.  Stay tuned for updates!!! Hope you all had an amazing summer!!!

Adrian is very pleased to announce that Fanfare Ciocarlia will be joining him in the studio this fall to record 10 of his fan-favourites! Adrian has always considered Fanfare to be one of the best bands in the world and he is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them. They truly are the real deal!!!

Famous for their exhilarating rapid-fire playing and skill at playfully mixing western influences with traditional themes, Fanfare Ciocarlia are highly regarded as the world’s greatest Gypsy brass band and have recorded some of the most rousing music on the planet. For more information on this incredible group of musicians, please go to…..

Pre-production on the recording and a documentary has already begun so stay tuned for updates, surprises, and sneak peeks as this project gets underway. A release date is set for November 1, 2012!

The wait is over. The long awaited rockabilly album "Liquor Talkin'" is now available. Order your copy online at and receive an autographed CD while supplies last!!! Here's some info about the album.

Adrian Raso & The Big Deal (Liquor Talkin')

In 2011, Adrian wrote and recorded an instrumental rockabilly track entitled Dead Man’s Hand with legendary rockabilly bassist Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats and drummer Kevin Figueiredo of Extreme.

The experience inspired Adrian to write more rockabilly songs and explore many of the cultural themes that made this music an integral part of American music.
In a departure from his past solo instrumental releases he formed a band of talented and experienced musicians including singer and songwriter Troy Bridgeman. Their goal being to write, record and perform authentic roots music.

Bridgeman holds a rockabilly pedigree being the great grandson of David Graves George, the author of the first rockabilly recording to ever sell a million copies of The Wreck of the Old 97. He began singing with his family band at the tender age of 9 years old covering old country standards and has been writing and playing music ever since. Bridgeman’s lyrics are clever and fun, staying true to the traditional themes of country and rockabilly with a modern twist.
Kristin Raso is Adrian’s younger brother and, while they have performed together, this is the first time they have collaborated on a recording project of this scope. Kristin’s rock-solid drumming provides the energy and backbeat that gives rockabilly its distinctive sound.

The songs pay homage to artists like Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Gene Vincent, Jeff Beck, and the great Elvis Presley, who made this music part of the soundtrack to the American experience. There is also a tip of the hat to contemporary musicians such as Brian Setzer and Imelda May, who have kept this music fresh and vital.
This debut album will give you a taste of what’s to come from this exciting new band. From the opening riff of Lil’ Jimmy Guitar that taps into the rock and roll dreams of every kid who picked up a guitar through the classic hillbilly sound of Abel and Cain, Liquor Talkin’ will have you “dancin’ in the aisles and outside on the street.”

What’s The Big Deal? This is it. Give it a listen.

Little Shop Of Guitars would like to welcome the super talented Mark Atkinson to our shop. Mark works full time with repairs. He is fantastic at set-ups, pickup installation, cracks, jack repairs, nut work, fret work and is a master of the Floyd Rose bridge. Mark also builds handmade, custom pickups to suit your individual needs. In addition to being proficient, he is very efficient with turnaroun
d time. Most set-ups are completed in a week. 

He was the senior guitar technician for over a decade at Toronto’s legendary Vintage Guitar spot ‘Songbird Music’.

Here is a list of some of the artists Mark has done work for: 
Rush, Bryan Adams, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Feist, Arcade Fire, Daniel Lanois, Nickelback, Tom Cochrane, Bruce Cockburn, Marilyn Manson, Sloan, Sam Roberts, Jane Siberry, Broken Social Scene, Metric, Death From Above 1979, Sum 41, Ron Hawkins, Blue Rodeo, Moneen, Sarah Harmer, The Trews, Ween, Danko Jones, Ron Sexsmith, Kim Mitchell, The Tea Party, Lawrence Gowan, and many others.

Mark is extremely down to earth and treats each and every customer like a superstar. He is a great storyteller and has heard and seen it all in the world of guitars. 

Rest assured your guitar is in good hands. Bring yours in today!

Adrian's new album "Nina Del Sol" is officially available. Purchase one at Little Shop today! The album features performances from Sheila E. and Kevin Figueiredo and produced by Bob St. John. 

Little Shop Of Guitars would like to officially welcome the super talented Anthony Tessaro to our teaching staff. Anthony is a phenominal teacher and an even better guy!  Book a lesson with him now, at 519-837-3729.

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Little Shop Of Guitars would like to congratulate Adrian on his new endorsement with Gretsch Guitars.
Check out his new track with Lee Rocker (Stray Cats) and Kevin Figueiredo (Extreme) now. Available on and itunes.

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